Bing Ads, now known as Microsoft Ads

The demographics of Bing users make it an effective advertising platform if your business targets more affluent or slightly older customers. It’s also ideal if you are a B2B business or offer professional services as it attracts people likely to be browsing at work while locked into using a default search engine.

Advertising on Bing Ads is a great option if you’re in a highly competitive niche market; if you find Google Ads are too expensive then Bing Ads can offer a more cost-effective alternative. We can help ensure your ads are reaching your ideal potential customers.

Why Choose Digital Defined?

How we work

We use a research-driven data-led approach, creating tests to learn how best to scale to get you better returns from your Organic Search traffic.

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We’ll work with you to ensure we’re driving improvements across all of your marketing activity, not just Organic Search.

What to expect

We’re people people: we prefer chatting over a coffee, and pride ourselves on open and honest communication. We’ll help you learn and understand how SEO can work best for you.

Choose how to work with us

Looking for a new partner, but don’t want to get tied into a long contract? No problem - our SEO services are offered on 3-month rolling contracts, while longer term contracts are available with discounts.

Flexibility with Bing Ads Management

Bing Ads allows you to leverage LinkedIn’s professional data for more precise targeting, making it particularly valuable if you’re a B2B advertiser or otherwise looking to reach a professional audience.

There is a large choice of ad types across different devices, from shopping and app install ads to dynamic search and multimedia ads. We can help you to create compelling campaigns that engage your audiences.

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White Label Support

We also offer PPC support for marketing agencies.
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