Digital Marketing in Staffordshire

We don’t operate like a typical agency.

We’re here to help you learn, grow your business and improve your ROI.

We offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions, which means we’re able to create a bespoke solution to help your business achieve its goals. Our Services include SEO, PPC & Website support. SEO is the art of helping search engines to see, understand & authenticate your website. PPC allows us to directly target people with ads based on their activity, behaviour or demographic data. Our Website support is offered to businesses using WordPress & Shopify.

Our clients work directly with the people working on their projects. We don’t have project managers or client service reps because we know what matters to you is that we understand each project entirely and we’re able to have meaningful conversations along the way and consider all of the options.

Megan De Kok
Megan De Kok
Ben has been amazing at supporting me with my business growth and I would highly recommend him.
Oliver Newton Hypnotherapy
Oliver Newton Hypnotherapy
We are so pleased and impressed with not only the fantastic, stylish, and very user-friendly website, but also the above and beyond hard work you’ve put in.Your ability and patience “herding cats” to gather information and content from so many stakeholders, whilst managing to get the new site up and running on time has helped us to create the perfect platform which generates A LOT more users and leads.With the huge changes in our SEO results, our franchisees will be grateful as they’ll no longer have to solely rely on Google ads to generate leads for their schools.OliverDirector CPHT Ltd
Little Bugs Co Children's Furniture
Little Bugs Co Children's Furniture
Digital Defined has been instrumental in the success of our new children’s furniture brand Little Bugs Co. Their expertise in paid social, SEO, pay per click eCommerce marketing & Shopify has allowed us to go from start-up to sales in excess of £40K per month in less than 3 months
Alex Brounger
Alex Brounger
Creative, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I can not recommend Ben and his team at Digital Defined highly enough!
Gary Johannes
Gary Johannes
“As on organisation that relies heavily on being out to reach out to the potential customer through our online presence and also having to continually to drive for new business, it was essential we found someone who ‘got us’, listened to our expectations and also listened when we talked about our client’s behaviours when it comes to engaging. We feel they are not just another routine marketing campaign. Digital Defined did this, did plenty of research to get a clear picture, whilst explaining every action in a way that we felt we understood, giving us confidence in their work. I have looked for 5 years to find someone who does a complete job. Digital Defined is the first one who does. The outcomes speak for themselves, I would strongly recommend Digital Defined, and I regularly do.”
Envisage Associates
Envisage Associates
Ben & the team at Digital Defined recently re-built our website. Along with helping us to better define our brand and solutions, we've seen a 232% increase in Organic traffic to the site. The SEO competitor planning and research prior to building the site ensured we had the perfect content and SEO strategy and beautiful site that works well on all devices.
CPHT Leeds
CPHT Leeds
Since Digital Defined took over our Google Ads Campaign we have received a regular supply of qualified leads. As a result our hypnotherapy training courses are usually oversubscribed. This has been despite the very difficult market created by the Corona Virus. We at CPHT Leeds are very grateful to the team at Digital Defined for their support and professionalism. Thank you.
Jenny Mellenchip
Jenny Mellenchip
Excellent service. Delighted with the increase in leads from my Google Ads campaign since working with Digital Defined. Definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for good solid leads that convert into ongoing business. Would definitely recommend.

Our Services

Whatever your budget, we're sure we can help!

Pay per click marketing

PPC is a great tool for supporting your marketing efforts, it can help you get your brand in front of your target audience, it’s also a great method for supporting growth, whilst allowing for granular control over your ROI.

Search engine optimisation

SEO is key to growth, that’s why we prioritise improving your site’s SEO health. Once complete, we begin to dig deep into your market, competitors, content and more to help you get more high-quality free traffic.

Marketing Reports

We create customised real-time & scheduled digital marketing reports, pulling data from any platform, aggregating and visualising it to get actionable insight and to help our client’s to understand ROI at every level.

WordPress Website Design

Websites cost a lot of money and it can be difficult to get a quick response at a reasonable cost. Our aim is to make this process simple. The Company who built your site don’t need to be the ones to manage it, especially if your priority is now SEO & growth

Shopify Design & Development

Whether you’re looking to set up a new business or move your site from PrestaShop over to Shopify. We can help, we understand what’s available with Shopify and can help you find the right approach for your business and goals.

Envisage Associates
envisage associates new website

Envisage had issues with their site and asked us to take a look at a solution, which involved building them a new SEO & device friendly creative site in WordPress.


CPHT is a franchise with over 30 websites, that has resulted in a poor online presence resulting from poor SEO. We’ve designed and built a new single site.

Rise to the top

Brand Awareness

Whether for small or maturing businesses, brand awareness and visibility are essential for business development, which is why we are committed to spreading awareness for growing businesses to audiences that matter.

count on us

The ROI Experts

Our integrated live reports enable our clients to truly measure ROI by connecting and aggregating ad spend, leads and revenue from multiple sources both on and offline. Whilst also connecting to SEM rush for organic ranks, Facebook for followers counts, search trend data and much more.

try, try again

Best Practices

From strategy & planning through to delivery we’re constantly challenging our best practices, asking ourselves; “What does it mean?” and “Why did/didn’t it work?”. Through this method, we gain more actionable and valuable insights.

marketing strategies jenga blocks featuring brand
marketing team analysing data together

Digital Marketing Approach

Online Marketing

We help a wide range of businesses looking to find new or improve current sources of revenue through digital marketing. Creating affordable, scalable strategies. Whether you're looking to improve your ad spend return or wanting to rank on the first page of Google.

your audience

We understand that each business is different and only recommend an approach following detailed research to make sure we're helping you reach your audiences, but also at the right time too.

Brand growth

Our multi-channel approach ensures we not only get you in front of your potential customers now, but also offer additional services for longer term growth, helping to reduce over reliance on online advertising.


We pride ourselves on transparency, offering fully customisable real-time reports to ensure we're measuring everything from overall ROI, Leads, SEO keyword ranks, ad spend & much more..

White label support

We also offer PPC support for marketing agencies.
If you'd like to know more, get in touch.

Ask Us Anything

A great place to start is business listings, Google My Business is free to set up and once verified, you can include the name of the service you provide in your title to improve the volume of searches you show up in. If you’re not sure where to start try looking at your competitors. You can also list your products for free on Google too, all you need is a product feed from your site and a Merchant Centre account.

This is a common question, some businesses only want to post content in places that appear to be commercially appropriate. You may think you only need to appear on certain platforms to reach your prospective customers. Most B2B businesses would focus on LinkedIn content, whilst most B2C would focus on Facebook & Instagram. It’s important to understand that many users use different social platforms for different reasons. We’d always suggest tailoring your strategy & content for each platform, but it’s also important to realise you’re looking to increase your brand’s visibility and get your followers to engage with you. Sometimes we’re just looking to make a connection with users which may create an opportunity in the future.

Yes, on-site content is a ranking factor for organic search. Ensuring your content is written by someone who’s knowledgeable and authoritative and the content fits your target audience is a great start. We’d always recommend starting out any on-site content journey by conducting keyword research to better understand what you’re trying to achieve by tracking your organic keywords.

Yes, there are always ‘quick wins’ available. Luckily, we have the right people at hand to find them, prioritise the impact and to achieve the desired result.

CRMs are great but expensive, until you’re sure you want to invest in a CRM platform, you can still do everything manually. A simple way of looking at this problem is to weigh up the time it takes to manage the processes yourself versus the possible lost time/revenue you could have achieved through working on your leads. All CRMs come with integrations nowadays allowing you to connect your Facebook leads directly in, or set up email campaigns with your MailChimp account, so it’s a case of understanding what’s right for your business.

Even if you’re not currently running ads, you should still setup tracking pixels from the main platforms such as Google and Facebook. Once set up, these sit in the background collecting user data, ensuring if you did want to test running ads, we’d have enough data to be able to analyse and correctly target your audience.

We can offer full service management of your site and marketing channels. However there are some circumstances, such as websites built in custom CMS platforms, where this may prove more difficult.

We typically work with our customers on monthly retainers as this allows us to spread the prioritised workload over a longer-term. This usually improves the affordability of our services as clients dictate how much budget they wish to allocate. We also offer small and sole trading businesses a one-off project fee to help them get off the ground, this usually includes setting up a Google ads search campaign, tracking and a real-time report.