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We don’t operate like a typical agency.

Invest in sustained growth

When you start an SEO retainer with Digital Defined, you’ll speak directly to the person working on your website. You’ll get a direct line to talk through the strategy and plans to ensure every change reflects your brand, your values whilst also ensuring they provide value.

We’ll not only audit your site and create a prioritised plan fit for your budget to get your site optimised within Google’s best practices, but we’ll also pull together a growth strategy for your website. The benefit of investing in SEO is that SEO, when done well, doesn’t stop if you’re no longer subscribed. If you stop paying for SEO, you are only likely to see the growth plateau, not decline as opposed to online ads.

Further additional benefits of on-page SEO can result in a positive impact on the overall conversion rate too.

1 %
of Businesses find a Brand through a Generic Search
1 %
increase in sales when using SEO & PPC
1 %
is the average click through rate when ranking first
1 %
of people don't go past the first page results
Megan De Kok
Megan De Kok
Ben has been amazing at supporting me with my business growth and I would highly recommend him.
Oliver Newton Hypnotherapy
Oliver Newton Hypnotherapy
We are so pleased and impressed with not only the fantastic, stylish, and very user-friendly website, but also the above and beyond hard work you’ve put in.Your ability and patience “herding cats” to gather information and content from so many stakeholders, whilst managing to get the new site up and running on time has helped us to create the perfect platform which generates A LOT more users and leads.With the huge changes in our SEO results, our franchisees will be grateful as they’ll no longer have to solely rely on Google ads to generate leads for their schools.OliverDirector CPHT Ltd
Little Bugs Co Children's Furniture
Little Bugs Co Children's Furniture
Digital Defined has been instrumental in the success of our new children’s furniture brand Little Bugs Co. Their expertise in paid social, SEO, pay per click eCommerce marketing & Shopify has allowed us to go from start-up to sales in excess of £40K per month in less than 3 months
Alex Brounger
Alex Brounger
Creative, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I can not recommend Ben and his team at Digital Defined highly enough!
Gary Johannes
Gary Johannes
“As on organisation that relies heavily on being out to reach out to the potential customer through our online presence and also having to continually to drive for new business, it was essential we found someone who ‘got us’, listened to our expectations and also listened when we talked about our client’s behaviours when it comes to engaging. We feel they are not just another routine marketing campaign. Digital Defined did this, did plenty of research to get a clear picture, whilst explaining every action in a way that we felt we understood, giving us confidence in their work. I have looked for 5 years to find someone who does a complete job. Digital Defined is the first one who does. The outcomes speak for themselves, I would strongly recommend Digital Defined, and I regularly do.”
Envisage Associates
Envisage Associates
Ben & the team at Digital Defined recently re-built our website. Along with helping us to better define our brand and solutions, we've seen a 232% increase in Organic traffic to the site. The SEO competitor planning and research prior to building the site ensured we had the perfect content and SEO strategy and beautiful site that works well on all devices.
CPHT Leeds
CPHT Leeds
Since Digital Defined took over our Google Ads Campaign we have received a regular supply of qualified leads. As a result our hypnotherapy training courses are usually oversubscribed. This has been despite the very difficult market created by the Corona Virus. We at CPHT Leeds are very grateful to the team at Digital Defined for their support and professionalism. Thank you.
Jenny Mellenchip
Jenny Mellenchip
Excellent service. Delighted with the increase in leads from my Google Ads campaign since working with Digital Defined. Definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for good solid leads that convert into ongoing business. Would definitely recommend.

Request a FREE SEO review

Get in touch to arrange a free review of your site. We will be happy to let you know if we think it could be working harder for you.

Let's get into the details.

Prices for SEO depend on your goals and priorities, we price work by project or as a retainer, and typically reduce our fees by 10% for client signing up to a 3 month SEO retainer. We work with client's of all sizes, please don't think you can't afford it yet, we'll work with you to spread your workload and/or costs in certain circumstances.

On-Page SEO

This is exactly what it says. Following in-depth keyword & competitor research to better understand the search results and what works well for others and your market, we’d complete a full review of the site reviewing everything from page titles, to on-page content.

Over time, these changes would help us get more commercially valuable traffic to the site as we’d have clearly indicated to search engines what each page contains and focused this towards user intent and the likelihood of actually gaining ground in your organic rankings.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page, otherwise known as off-site SEO again is what it says, this is when we take actions that aren’t on our site which link either back to the site or the brand and includes tasks such as link acquisition, social media marketing, social proofing with reviews and more.

The purpose of off-site SEO is to help demonstrate your brand’s authority as trusted experts to search engines.

Local SEO

If you’re offering local services, we’ll work with you to help you focus your website to reflect this. Ensuring Google understands that you’re a local service provider by optimising your on-page SEO and additionally checking for consistent NAP citations and optimising your Google Business Profile to help you gain more free traffic from Google’s local results.

Technical SEO

This is the bit you’ll resent paying for, it’s absolutely necessary, but you’re not going to be considering changing your career to become a technical SEO wiz.

The purpose of technical SEO is to simply make sure search engines can see and understand your website, and that it’s consistent and optimised in line with good practice.


Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and improved user experience (UX) are benefits of good SEO, user experience is measured in several ways by search engines and they are all ranking factors.

By improving the content, the flow of pages, adding appropriate internal links and everything else that makes up good SEO practice, you’ll likely see improvements to your conversion rate, bounce rate, average time on page as well as an increase in your rankings resulting in more users visiting the site through organic search.

A content strategy is at the heart of everything, it should inform your SEO strategy, your marketing and your website. A great content strategy is backed by data and research into your competitors, search results for your target keywords, your target audience, your typical customer journey and much more.

An in-depth content strategy is necessary prior to completing any work on your website. It’ll not only highlight opportunities that will lead to a better user experience on your website but result in much higher conversion rates.

SEO provides long-term results

SEO isn’t a quick fix but when done right, can help reduce your need for online ads and provide continued long-term value. We follow Google’s best practices to ensure our clients are more likely to succeed.

What's SEO?

What's is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your site's visibility in search results for searches relating to the service or products you sell. There are over 200 factors taken into account by search engines like Google. SEO starts the second you begin thinking about building a site, with the layout, structure and content, having a large impact on organic search ranks.

Why do you need SEO?

19% of search traffic on desktop and 28% on mobile devices click-through the to the first organic search result. Click-through rates on the first page vary from 3% to 32%. With the right approach, you could increase the volume of users coming to your site through service or product related terms over the long-term, meaning that if you stop investing, it doesn't immediately stop like paid ads would.

How can we help?

Following a detailed site review, keyword research & competitor analysis, using a selection of tools including SEMrush, we're able to find opportunities to improve your site SEO. We'll prioritise the work, ensuring we focus on areas which are more likely to increase traffic and improve commercial value driven by organic search traffic.

White label support

We also offer SEO support for marketing agencies.
If you'd like to know more, get in touch.

How does it work?

Keyword Research

Keyword research not only gives insights into the volume of people searching for your products or services, but also helps us understand more about your market, who ranks consistently at the top of search results, and why. It also gives us a view of potential opportunities for you to develop your brand within your niche.

Competitor Research

Understanding your competitors and your search landscape gives us insight into how we can develop your SEO strategy. With the right tools and research, we’re able to see the differences between your site and your top 3 ranking competitors to better understand gaps in content, back-links and more.


Optimisation is an essential part of any SEO strategy. For example; the time it takes for your site to load is a huge ranking factor for user experience, which is why we focus our efforts on ensuring your sites conform to Google’s best practices. The additional benefit of this improvement is also a reduction in the number of users leaving the site before interacting.

User Experience

Since 88% of online shoppers will not return to a site after having a poor user experience. We work with you to ensure your site contains unique, high-quality content, improve your site speed, refine the landing page experience, and ensure that the user experience is consistent and responsive across all devices.


Audits are a great method of setting a benchmark. We use tools such as SEMrush to monitor our client’s site health to ensure we always alerted to any errors or issues with your site the moment they occur. We also tracking keywords and competitors rankings, back-links, social activity and engagement.


Once we’ve established benchmarks and KPIs, we’ll craft a customised, filterable report using real-time data to measure performance. Giving you year-to-date, through to daily performance metrics. We can connect to all of your marketing platforms and also tools we use, to provide a one-stop place for measuring marketing effectiveness.