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We help businesses to grow revenue whilst improving their ROI.

We don’t operate like a typical agency.

Do you want more Leads or Sales?

You’ll work directly with our experts, with no client service reps, no unnecessary weekly catchups, just a direct line to the person managing your ads. The reason we do this is to ensure we learn your business inside out. We know each lead is different and has a different value.

You’re not simply looking for a marketing expert, you’re looking for someone to represent your brand, help you grow and make sure every penny spent adds value.

We work with startups through to seasoned businesses, from local to global brands, in multiple sectors.

1 %
of businesses use PPC advertising
1 %
of Clicks on Search go to the top 3 ads
1 %
of B2B businesses use LinkedIn Ads
1 %
of searches on Google are related to a location
Oliver Newton Hypnotherapy
Oliver Newton Hypnotherapy
We are so pleased and impressed with not only the fantastic, stylish, and very user-friendly website, but also the above and beyond hard work you’ve put in.Your ability and patience “herding cats” to gather information and content from so many stakeholders, whilst managing to get the new site up and running on time has helped us to create the perfect platform which generates A LOT more users and leads.With the huge changes in our SEO results, our franchisees will be grateful as they’ll no longer have to solely rely on Google ads to generate leads for their schools.OliverDirector CPHT Ltd
Little Bugs Co Children's Furniture
Little Bugs Co Children's Furniture
Digital Defined has been instrumental in the success of our new children’s furniture brand Little Bugs Co. Their expertise in paid social, SEO, pay per click eCommerce marketing & Shopify has allowed us to go from start-up to sales in excess of £40K per month in less than 3 months
Alex Brounger
Alex Brounger
Creative, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I can not recommend Ben and his team at Digital Defined highly enough!
Gary Johannes
Gary Johannes
“As on organisation that relies heavily on being out to reach out to the potential customer through our online presence and also having to continually to drive for new business, it was essential we found someone who ‘got us’, listened to our expectations and also listened when we talked about our client’s behaviours when it comes to engaging. We feel they are not just another routine marketing campaign. Digital Defined did this, did plenty of research to get a clear picture, whilst explaining every action in a way that we felt we understood, giving us confidence in their work. I have looked for 5 years to find someone who does a complete job. Digital Defined is the first one who does. The outcomes speak for themselves, I would strongly recommend Digital Defined, and I regularly do.”
Envisage Associates
Envisage Associates
Ben & the team at Digital Defined recently re-built our website. Along with helping us to better define our brand and solutions, we've seen a 232% increase in Organic traffic to the site. The SEO competitor planning and research prior to building the site ensured we had the perfect content and SEO strategy and beautiful site that works well on all devices.
CPHT Leeds
CPHT Leeds
Since Digital Defined took over our Google Ads Campaign we have received a regular supply of qualified leads. As a result our hypnotherapy training courses are usually oversubscribed. This has been despite the very difficult market created by the Corona Virus. We at CPHT Leeds are very grateful to the team at Digital Defined for their support and professionalism. Thank you.
Jenny Mellenchip
Jenny Mellenchip
Excellent service. Delighted with the increase in leads from my Google Ads campaign since working with Digital Defined. Definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for good solid leads that convert into ongoing business. Would definitely recommend.

Request a free ads account audit

Get in touch to arrange a free review of your current ads account. We will be happy to let you know if we think your ads could be working harder for you.

Let's get into the details.

Prices for setting up an account, for instance in Google Ads start from £380 +vat, this covers everything required for setup and the first months management of the account. Following this monthly management retainers start from £120 +vat per month.

Google Search Ads

You know what you want to show up for on Google! Our job is to help refine it, ensuring we’re not only looking for users with the right intent but also finding ways to filter out the irrelevant people to reduce your cost-per-clicks and improve your cost per acquisition. We make sure that every user sees the right message in Google, to avoid wasted spend and when they do click, we make sure they land on the best page to improve the chance of them converting. We’ll also tell you what you can do better to improve your website’s conversion rate.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Paid social campaigns can be great at generating leads and sales. The best place to start is with a remarketing strategy, this allows you to test your creatives and also makes sure the platform is the right place to be trying to engage with your customers. Once you’ve established your goal, creative & audience, you can test quickly. We also offer full-funnel strategies for those who are looking for growth and are aiming to increase their followers, databases and sales. Perfect for helping you connect with people at different stages of the customer journey.

YouTube Ads

YouTube allows us to show non-skippable and skipable ads in different formats, with all of the same targeting options of Google Search. If you have an explainer video, product launch video, brand video, etc.. This is a great low-cost opportunity to get your video in front of users who’ve been to your site but haven’t converted, better still we can also target users who look like people who’ve been to your site to reach a much broader, but closely related audience.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the perfect place to advertise if you’re wanting to target specific job roles, specific industries even specific companies. Given the amazing level of targeting available LinkedIn has always been the “expensive” option. That’s why it’s so important to have expert support, it might be expensive but only until you consider the potential value of having your ads in front of all key decision-makers at your target audiences.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping is our bread and butter work, we love it, Most clients have tried Smart shopping, but are now converted to our manual data-led approach.

We also offer a tool that allows our clients to reduce their CPCs by 20% by using a product feed provider that isn’t Google. This tool also allows us to optimise the feed, selecting preferred images and changing information about the product. This benefits customers who offer product variants, as our strategy allows us to increase their online visibility without having any cost/performance implications.

Display Ads

With a well planned and researched approach, Display can generate leads, allowing you to show display ads on other websites such as YouTube, DailyMail, The Mirror, Mumsnet and thousands more.

Google Display can perform well, when it’s supporting other activities, such as remarketing users who have already been to the site with copy focused on the pages they visited on your site. It’s always important to consider that a person may be right, but just not right now. That’s why a low-cost display can work well for you.

Prospecting Strategy

Prospecting can be a valuable part of any marketing strategy especially when growth is one of the KPIs, prospecting with PPC is simply reaching people based on behaviour, who haven’t engaged with your brand before. It could be that they are similar to people who have been to your site, like your Facebook page, have shown an interest in a Facebook event, be in the market for a specific product, have an affinity for something you think your customers value, and much more. 

The options seem to go on forever, this is why prospecting is usually afforded lower budgets, as the overall budget will typically be split between several strategies to ensure you the best chance of success.

Remarketing Strategy

People who have engaged with your brand are typically more than twice as likely to convert. Remarketing is a must,

Because of this, we like to test everything. The platform, the copy, the landing page, everything. We follow the data and make sure we can put your money in the most effective place which match your businesses goals. 

We don’t just want to show each person the same ads over and over either. Make sure you have 4 or 5 different ads with messages appealing to different types of people at different stages of conversion.

20% Lower CPCs on Google Shopping

eCommerce businesses can now list your products on Google’s shopping results for free. Get in touch for more information, we also offer a product feed optimisation tool which would also reduce Google shopping costs by 20%.

What is PPC?

What's PPC?

PPC, short for pay per click refers to a type of advertising online. Simply put you pay per click through to your site, whilst there are other versions of this model, this is the most commonly used for search & social advertising. Google offers 'Smart' campaigns where you tell them a little information about your business and their platform chooses what to do. We put the control back in your hands.

Do you need online ads?

Online ads are great tools for allowing your brand to get visibility with an audience. For example on Google, if you wanted to show up at the top of the search results for a specific search this may take a lot of time and work to achieve organically. Ads allows us to appear at the top of the page and only pay when someone clicks through to the site.

How can we improve your ads?

Ads allow us to improve brand visibility in your market, but the ultimate aim is for them to help drive revenue or leads to your brand. We will set up tracking on your site to measure what users are doing to ensure we optimise your campaigns towards users with the most value, helping you to get the most from your budget.

White label support

We also offer PPC support for marketing agencies.
If you'd like to know more, get in touch.

How does it all work?

Keyword Research

We listen to you, learning where you see commercial value. Be it a service, product, location or other. Once we understand your focus, we measure where you currently are so we always have a benchmark. We analyse your brand’s search landscape, the volume of searches per term and the different types of terms searched, this allows us to focus on keywords with a higher level of intent, whilst also supporting SEO for other commercial valuable terms.

Website Tracking

We not only track users on your site but also send engagement data back to your ads platforms to help us optimise towards users with the right intent. With only 2% of users converting on their first visit to a site, this data allows us to find users that exhibit behaviours that indicate a greater intent to convert. With this data, we can build remarketing campaigns to improve brand visibility within audiences who have a greater chance of converting in the future.


Our goal is to drive value, ensuring we reach relevant audiences at a minimum cost. To achieve this with your ads, we use data-informed decisions to optimise your campaigns, optimising for the time of day, day of the week, demographics, audiences, locations, devices & more… We ensure your ads are clear and speak only to your audience, thereby reducing ad spend on similar or related terms which offer no commercial value.


Testing is at the heart of everything we do, with every test we always ask “what does it mean?”, “what worked?” and “what didn’t?”. We look at past and present data to determine how well campaigns are performing across multiple platforms. As a result, we’re able to drill down to find valuable, actionable insights that enable us to develop and refine our paid marketing strategies over time.

Competitor Research

The strengths & weaknesses of your competitors can be used as a key indicator of how your business is performing and how your marketing approach can be improved. We ask questions such as “how” and “why” competitors are seeing drawbacks or improvements in their marketing strategies and “what” we can do to grow your market share.


By measuring your success against key performance indicators, we can effectively evaluate how well your online marketing strategy has performed over a set period. This involves looking at top-level performance indicators such as return on investment, cost per lead or sale. With a more granular level of reporting available you can also measure ad spend, search terms, organic keyword rankings, site health scores, social media post engagements and more.