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We understand that measuring data across multiple platforms can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so we offer custom, easy-to-read visual reports on Data Studio to keep our clients updated on their everchanging performance across multiple time frames. These reports offer real-time data and offer insights across all relevant marketing platforms, and can even be integrated with offline data.

Among all the aggregated data reports we offer; we report data that is relevant to you and the marketing strategies that are connected to your business. To name a few, we offer report pages on ROI, ad spend, top selling products, devices, demographics, audiences, social media, Google Search Console data, SEMrush, Search Trends and more.

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“If you don’t collect any metrics, you’re flying blind."

Examples of report options

This page is customised to support your KPIs, ensuring that the overall marketing effectiveness is always visible and consistently measured.
We’d aggregate all sales or leads data, ad spend & any other relevant information to allow us to calculate an overall return on investment or cost per lead, whilst also drilling down to show more detail, often with a comparison to a previous period for each metric.

One of our client’s operates an eCommerce business on Shopify. For their report, we created a custom Shopify report, which works by pulling numbers straight from Shopify and allows for a full view of sales through the brand’s other sales channels, such as Etsy and eBay too.

Whilst it’s helpful to have an overview of performance, we’ve also created a daily report which pulls all relevant top level data into a table. Offering daily information on traffic to your site, conversion rates, bounce rates, ad spend (with target figures), revenue or leads and ROI or CPA. The table is also able to be downloaded straight out of the report.

To have a clear understanding of performance, it’s sometimes necessary to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. As with all of our reports, we’re able to pull through all relevant KPIs and any other important information such as ad spend from all accounts.

Google analytics offers a lot of data and insight. Our aim with our reports was to only pull out information which offers value and actionable insight. We customise this for each client. For example, for an eCommerce business, we’d compile reports for top selling products, product conversion rates, demographics, time and day of week, channels, referrals, devices, and more.

A good example of why it’s important to drill down on certain metrics is because it can inform strategy. For instance, typically the conversion rate of returning users is more than twice that of new users and as a result we’d typically invest in a re-marketing strategy to test for additional value on different platforms.

We’ve compiled several report pages for measuring Google and Bing ads. They offer overviews on all search, shopping, display, and YouTube Ads campaigns. We also show market insights information by campaign for brands to better understand the search landscape for paid ads as it usually differs significantly from their SEO search landscape for terms relating to similar terms.

A good example of a drill-down report for Google Ads is the Brand report. A lot of businesses see higher returns from brand related terms and it can be important to have visibility on the volume for brand searches to understand what’s having any positive or negative impacts on these.

Our goal with this report is to give you the most relevant insights from your Facebook & Instagram ads from one view.
This page compares demographic insights between impressions and clicks so you can measure the engagement of people who view your ads on Facebook alongside those that actively interact with them. We offer insight on how ad content influences link clicks & conversions into your ads. We’re also able to drill down on targeting, device, platform, demographics, locations, ad content, and more to find actionable insight.

For B2B client’s who typically spend more on ads with LinkedIn than any other platform, it’s important to understand what’s working and what isn’t. This is why we offer several reports for LinkedIn which allow for an in-depth analysis of ads, targeting, demographics and more to measure the overall effectiveness and also the quality of leads being driven.

This page offers a divided monthly view of click data, engagement and cost enabling you to measure each segment against the other. The second half of the report offers a ‘year to date’ view of your ad’s performance alongside a graph presenting monthly impression by click data offering insight on how relevant your ads are to Pinterest users.

We offer a page dedicated purely to live eCommerce data pulled directly from your Shopify store. The benefit of this is that if you use Shopify’s integrations for other sales channels such as Etsy or eBay, you can pull this data out too. The report measures sales, stock, fulfilment, and much more and also includes data for discounts and returns alongside net, gross and total sales data.

All of our keyword research helps us not only to set a benchmark but to continually measure our SEO improvements for our client’s and to also see what their competitiors are doing too.

SEMrush measures the health of sites on a scale of 0 to 100% and explains that 92% would place you in the top 10% of websites. We’re able to track our client’s site health 

A great feature of Data Studios is that we’re able to connect to a lot of data sources. This has been valuable in the past for clients who don’t yet have a CRM and still manage their leads in Google Sheets. We’ve been able to connect their offline data to the online data, be it Google Analytics, ad spend or anything else, it enables us to truly measure value at all levels for our clients.

Whilst Google don’t allow for a full view of search terms, it can still be valuable to see what terms are ranking for each page currently and see the actual click-through rates you’re achieving in you current position. Once coupled with the search volumes you can start to see the potential value in improvements very quickly.

Search trend data has never been more relevant, given that most businesses saw huge fluctuations in search volumes during the Covid epidemic. However, search trend data can give us a 5 year view of any term in your market to understand if any seasonality applies to the terms which can be valuable for informing your marketing strategy.

We also measure how your social pages, across multiple platforms, are received by online users. In these reports, we map the nature of your social following overtime against monthly insights. We provide location and demographic data of those who have interacted with your business online social profiles so you can understand your online audiences.
We also offer overviews on page and post engagements allowing you to keep on track with how users interact with your content, mapping reach against all interactions with your social posts.

Being able to report on Mailchimp or other email marketing campaigns can be invaluable to understand how to better optimise your approach moving forward, allowing for campaign level reviews of open rates, conversion rates and unsubscribe rates, we’re able to offer valuable insight what works and what didn’t.

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